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The Hippy Gourmet TV Show is proud to have the support from companies and products that are making a difference in the quality of people's lives. Because we only accept a limited number of sponsors for each television season, it is our aim to focus on brands that represent the very best in their product offerings, and especially those companies that support innovation for eco-friendly operations.

The Hippy Gourmet connects its extremely savvy, globally conscious audience directly with its sponsors, putting their hard earned affluence towards products and services that are not only elegant in their design and presentation, but that also balance consumerism with preserving the health and well being of the planet.

Flying Air New Zealand

On our recent Organic Living with the Hippy Gourmet New Zealand Tour, we were so fortunate to have promotional support of Air New Zealand! Flying directly from San Francisco to Auckland, we experienced some of the best in-flight meals and service. Watch for our Hippy Gourmet episodes on Air New Zealand on their interactive media system!

Flying Lufthansa

On The Hippy Gourmet Euro Tour '05, we were so honored to have the kind promotional support of Luftansa Airlines! Flying directly from San Francisco to Frankfurt, we discovered how delicious in-flight meals can be when they're prepared from the highest gourmet quality ingredients and care! Lufthansa service exceeds all of the expectations one might have of such a seasoned airline, the staff are professional and courteous and we arrived in Europe feeling fresh and ready to start filming!

Flying Hawaiian Air

On our recent trip to Hawaii in January of 2005, we were so blessed to have the support of Hawaiian Airlines! If you want to experience something unlike any other airline in the world, you have to fly on Hawaiian! When we checked in for our flights, everybody came and introduced themselves to us, like meeting at a family reunion! From the people at the gate, to the flight attendants, Hawaiian Airlines has the most professional, yet laid-back approach to making you feel warm from the moment you enter the airport! We also enjoyed Beverly Gannon's hospitality on Maui, and her incredible in-flight meal concepts as well!

Flying Swiss Air

On our Euro Tour '04 we hitched a ride with Swiss International Airlines, which was a direct flight from Los Angeles to Zurich in just under twelve hours! The food on swiss is ultra gourmet, as are the little chocolates they serve at the end of each meal! On our visit to Zurich in 2004 we also visited Gate Gourmet, to see how the in-flight meals are prepared for flights around the world! What a cool experience to see that individual chefs were actually working on each tray! Swiss is a nice airline.

Traveling Hippy-style by Hymer

Traveling in total Hippy-style in our RV provided by Hymer of Germany! Featuring the Exsis, a practical, compact and maneuverable RV that is the state-of the-art in versatile year round motor homes! The Exsis is perfect to buy or to rent when traveling internationally, especially as it offers so many features in such a small footprint! This is truly one of HYMER’s new "virtuosos". It's perfect for 2-4 people, handles like a mini-van, but converts at night to a very comfortable little mobile home! Comes with a cute little kitchenette, modular bathroom/shower and even a gas powered refrigerator! This is one of the nicest ways to get around Europe!

Filming with Bose

Making our production a very quiet and tranquil place indeed, the "Bose Quiet Comfort 2, Noise Cancelling Headphones" work like magic! When you put these super comfortable and snug fitting headphones on, your first thought is 'ok, feels like a pair of headphones.' But when you turn the power switch on that kicks in the noise cancellation, all you hear is yourself thinking how great it is that you have a pair of these on your head! We use them to fly, bring on those babies! We use them to film! They also come with multiple types of jacks, so you can plug into any airline or personal electronic device. This is one of those must-haves!

Snacking with
Pirate's Booty

The Hippy Gourmet TV Show is proud to have as one of its Premiere Sponsors, Robert's American Gourmet and their flagship product line "Pirate's Booty!" One of America's favorite 'cult-classic' snack foods, "Pirates's Booty" is full of the flavor and crunch that families love, without the guilt of eating something full of fat, or hydrogenated oils! Robert's American Gourmet also makes "Fruity Booty" and "Veggie Booty" along with an entire line of healthy, low-fat yet very fun snack products. So the next time you visit your local grocery store and you see a bag of the "Booty" - remember how they also support one of your favorite TV shows!

Cooking with Coleman

The Hippy Gourmet absolutely relies on its Coleman outdoor gear! From the outdoor fireplace/grill, which many multitudes of Hippy Gourmet recipes were made using, to the Coleman tents, lanterns, and utencils that have become part of every good campers list, Coleman is a trusted name. The Hippy Gourmet show is so very happy to have Coleman as one of its Affiliate Sponsors!


Aquasana believse that the healthiest water is water like it existed before the influences of modern man. Water free from chemical contaminants and balanced with traces of the Earth‘s natural minerals. Aquasana systems filter out chlorine, lead, VOCs and cysts while leaving in the natural trace minerals. It's like having natural spring water on tap in your home!

Natural Value

How can we hope to sustain the planet when "living naturally" has become an extravagance well beyond the reach of a large majority of the population? That question, and its all too obvious answer, is the impetus behind and inspiration that sustains Natural Value.


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