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Fresh Granola!     Recipe available
What would a Hippy TV cooking show be without a great Granola recipe! Bruce goes to town on adding Rainforest Sustaining Dried Mango bits, Cranberries, Raisins, and a host of choped nuts as well. The Granola Oats are baked to a
golden brown with a light coating of honey and oil, served warm out of the oven with some cool Soy Milk! Dude!

Green Thai Curry   Recipe available
Can’t go wrong with fresh Eggplant, Mushrooms, Peppers, Onion, Zucchini, Carrots and a ton of other crisp vegetables, sautéed in a zingy Green Thai Curry with Coconut Milk and a hint of Sweet Sherry! The Hippy Gourmet cooks this over an open fire in a large Wok, in front of all the wild animals at the PAWS www.pawsweb.org Animal Sanctuary! This is our Nation’s largest wild animal refuge, so give it up to them and show your love!


Our Price: $24.95
As the Olympia Voyager is a Greek ship, the featured foods and culture on board are all distinctly Greek in nature and therefore wonderful all around! Nobody does hospitality like the Greeks, and we’re honored to have the Ship’s chef create a beautiful Moussaka for us before our eyes! Yes it has some ground beef and is not the most fat free of dishes, but man is it delicious! “Ho-Pah”

The Hippy Gourmet knows a good turn deserves another, so in tribute to Royal Olympic Cruise lines, Bruce makes his own version of Baklava, that sweet, crusty, nutty dessert!

Fruit Carving Seminar
On board a working cruise liner, we found the Chef De Partie who spends his whole day pretty much carving fruit and vegetables for displays, garnishes and for us, pure drama! It’s edible art and nothing goes to waste!

Royal Olympic Cruise Lines
Join The Hippy Gourmet as he traverses the globe, heading directly up the Amazon on the luxurious Olympia Voyager cruise ship! She is the fastest cruise liner in the world and offers 5 star service and accommodations to some of the most exotic ports of call in the world! Royal Olympic Cruise Lines is a gracious host so this episode is a backstage pass to the whole ship!


Our Price: $24.95
Black Beans
One of the staples of Amazonian diet, the Black Beans are a hearty and delicious source of vitamins and protein! In this breathtakingly special episode, The Hippy Gourmet prepares a feast from the heart of a journey 1,000 miles up the Amazon in Brazil! The animals & wildlife, the people and cultures of the majestic Amazon river basin are captivating to witness and enjoy. The Hippy Gourmet goes global!

Going along with he combination of indigenous varieties from the jungle, Bruce dices up the most liveliest Salas imaginable! With tree ripened Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers and more, mixed with minced Cilantro, fresh squeezed Lemon and married for a few hours refrigerated, we have a real Amazon Salsa for you here! It’s the colors of our adventure, and all the spice too!

Yucca & Plantains
The starchy food sources of the Brazilian rain forest are truly life sustaining. Water melted from mountains thousands of miles away, across several borders of other countries flow freely down the Amazon into the Atlantic Ocean. The Yucca and Planate are grown in such conditions and although look Banana-like in appearance, each variety has a very different taste, texture and appeal of it’s own. The Hippy Gourmet is so very proud to have this episode from the Amazon and these dishes
are all a tribute to this natural treasure we must all be diligent to protect.

Episode #54
Our Price: $24.95
Mushroom Stroganoff
The Hippy Gourmet loves fresh Mushrooms! Blending a variety of four different kinds of Mushrooms, along with fresh spices and two different recipes, one with Sour Cream and one without for the Vegans in the crowd! Utilizing and open pit fire place, courtesy of our friends at Coleman, Bruce stokes up a huge fire and gets the Mushrooms sizzling hot and delicious!

Quinoa (Keen-Wah)
A delightful re-visit with our most favorite grain on the planet, the Mezo-American Quinoa, which is both a grain and a vegetable at the same time! High in protein, low in carbohydrates and fat, this is an incredibly hearty dish. The Hippy Gourmet chops some colorful and flavorful veggies to add to the Quinoa, which will be the base for the Mushroom Stroganoff main course! Dude!

Crepe L’Orange
Has its beginnings as your mild mannered, light pancake-like recipe, but once our Hippy Gourmet adds some Orange Marmalade and some Orange Liquor, the flames in the pan tell the whole story. This fantastically simple, yet utterly delicious dessert has a velvety texture that is definitely intoxicating and may very well be rated 21 and over, I.D. required!

The Hippy Gourmet gets a complete Makeover! We brought in the experts to create a whole new look for Bruce, in a parody of sorts of all those makeover shows out there.


Our Price: $24.95

Amaranth Grain
This is an ancient Aztec grain that grows like a weed all over Mezo-America. It’s easy to prepare, full of incredible vitamins and nutrients, and comes out a bit like Grits in a way, but with a nutty, smooth texture. Man it’s tasty! Check out as the Hippy makes this awesome side dish right on the barbeque.

Veggie Jambalaya
Peppers are a flying in this recipe! Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Yellow Peppers, Diced Onions and then a taste of some Cayenne Pepper seasoning too! Then the Jambalaya comes to life over the flames of an outdoor barbeque in an iron skillet. Mixing in some delicious Organic Tomato chunks as the final touch, this Jambalaya will make you say: “Whoa!”

Apple and Fig Compote
Finishing off this episode with a little flambé action, Bruce cranks up some fresh Apples and some Dried Figs into an incredible hot Fruit and Fig Compote! Tossing the blend over the open flames with a little butter and some divine Sherry, stand back, because this dish really flames up a whole lot of flavor!



Our Price: $24.95

Borscht is a Russian Beet Soup which takes a variety of forms, some that include meat, some that are served cold, and then there is Lara’s special recipe that is 100% Vegan and served piping hot! To describe this Borscht, is to describe more than a Beet based Soup, for this has all such an amazing medley of Cabbage, Potatoes, Sweet Red Peppers and a kick of Cayenne Pepper that will make you hold your bowl out for seconds and thirds!

Salad Olivier
Well this may have a French sounding name, but try to imagine the most innovative, crunchy, tasty and sublime Potato Salad you’ve ever had! Lara adds the kitchen sink to her Salad Olivier, including Alaskan King Crab Legs, Peas, Cucumber, Celery, Carrots and of course Potatoes! So yummy you’ll have to section off a third of your plate or more to keep piling this delicious Salad on!

Beet Salad
Ruby Red meets Purple Haze this grated Beet Salad dances with delight across your palate! Lara is an artist when it comes to combining flavors, textures, colors and aromas in all her cooking, such that each bite contains a happy new sensation and discovery! With the Beet Salad, Lara takes the sweet side of the Beets and tempers it with some hearty, minced Raw Garlic, throws in some Walnuts and specially soaked Raisins, then with just a hint of Mayo, brings it all home! You go girl!

Stuffed Peppers
What would a traditional Ukrainian recipe episode be without Stuffed Peppers? In this episode we make both a Vegan version of the stuffing (with Mushrooms and Rice) and a non-Vegan version (with Free Range, never caged chopped Turkey). Then Lara and Bruce demonstrate the best ways to deal with making stuff-able Red and Yellow Peppers, then adding a Vegan tomato sauce blend to the pot for steaming all the ingredients together. This is a dish that is so simple to prepare, yet tastes like hours of gourmet love have gone into them! Really super tasty!

In this episode we are blessed to have Lara Blank as our Guest Chef! Lara comes from Ukraine originally and has honed her skills as a master pastry chef, founding her successful baking company here in California called Lara’s Delicious. Although Lara specializes in tantalizing gourmet baked goods, in this episode she’s come to show us how to prepare some authentic Ukrainian dishes!

Episode #61
Our Price: $24.95
Veggie Fried Rice
Featuring Veggie Fried Rice, a delicious medley of Fresh Organic Veggies, including Asparagus, Sweet Peppers, Zucchini and more! Wok it up Dude! This, Veggie Fried Rice has so much flavor, between the super fine ingredients and the smoky taste of the open fire pit, wow!

Wok-Style Veggie Platter
To go along with the Veggie Fried Rice, The Hippy Gourmet whips up a special Wok-Style Veggie Platter! Teaming with all kinds of Organic Veggies, Chinese Broccoli (Bok-Choy) and others, this steaming, sizzling dish goes perfectly with our Fried Rice!

What better way to celebrate the annual Bay-to-Breakers race than to have a Wok-Fry BBQ cookout!
Enjoying the day with our Bay-to-Breakers annual festival, we had some of our show’s fans come and give us a hand with promotions and also to fan our rice after cooking! Thanks to Liz and Alina, Lena, and all of the wild, crazy and wonderfully colorful participants of this years Bay-to-Breakers Race…we had another picture perfect day!

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