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Happy Summer everyone!

By now you ought to be fully enjoying all of the organic & juicy ripe summer fruits, berries and of course sweet summer corn! Summer is a time to use the longer days to reconnect with friends and family and to slow down a bit from the hectic pace of our busy lives.

Have you considered building or buying a solar oven for backyard or vacation use? There are plenty of great plans on the internet for free on how-to build your own solar cooker, something great to do with the kids by the way! Or you can check out to see their Solar Sport oven that is an incredible piece of simple technology. The solar cooker can get up to 400 degrees in less than 30-minutes, just by pointing the box toward the sun light in the morning. Then you can put your favorite recipes together in black camping pots or cast-iron pans and let physics do the cooking for you! Tastes great, no charcoal or lighter fluid, saves so much energy and you don't have to turn the AC on to compensate for your oven or stove!

Organic Living TV travels to New Zealand!

As part of our 10th season of shows we were so blessed to hook up with to get a 3-weeks filming tour of pure and sustainable New Zealand! We traveled from Christchurch in the south island to the Westport area on the wild west coast, up to Abel Tasman National Park and then to Kaikoura on the east coast of the South Island. Then we traveled by Inter-Island Ferry to the north island of New Zealand traveling to Wellington, Rotorua, Auckland and then completing our filming tour in the far Northland area of Kerikeri!

New Zealand is a magical place where the air is clean, the water pure, the produce is primarily organic and the wines bio-dynamic! We met so many wonderful people along our route and enjoyed such tremendous hospitality on Air New Zealand and through our friends at Organic Explorer. New Zealand is a must-travel to place and we're sure once you go you will want to return again and again! Don't forget to mention Organic Living TV with the Hippy Gourmet when you follow our tour, as you will receive very special treatment for being part of our family!

Here are some lovely segments from all around New Zealand on our recent filming tour:

You can watch the YouTube segments of our entire trip here -
Hippy Gourmet Filming Tour of New Zealand Playlist

New season of PBS programming

Coming this Fall of 2009 is our new season of PBS programming! We have 26 episodes coming in two blocks of 13 shows each over the course of Fall and Spring 2009 and 2010.
You will be able to tune into our adventures from Belize, Costa Maya Mexico, New Zealand and of course the plethora of programs we film around the U.S. and our home base in San Francisco, California!

Although we have been producing a commercial TV series as a sister offering to our commercial-free broadcasts, PBS will always be our true home and where our heart is. We will also be bundling up some of these PBS episodes to run on Dish Network Channel 9415 (FSTV), probably starting sometime prior to the holidays and will carry on into the spring and summer of 2010, so please do stay tuned!

Remember if you're PBS station doesn't carry Organic Living TV with the Hippy Gourmet, it is your right to request us directly from your local PBS station, as the "P" in PBS stands for Public and that means it belongs to everyone.


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Summer is the best time to find fresh organic fruits and vegetables from your local CSA, farmer's market or family grocer. Did you know that "The Hippy Gourmet's Quick and Simple Cookbook for Healthy Eating" is packed with budget-friendly recipes for the whole family to enjoy?!

If you have purchased our cookbook, we invite you to leave your comments and reviews on And as always, we thank you for your support!

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Peace, Love and Organics!

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