Transcendental Hayride
Robert Temple
The Hippy Gourmet is so privileged to have all our episodes perfectly in tune with the rhythms and grooves of some of this planet’s most talented musicians!

REK is a four piece heavy groove, Psychedelic funk-rock band of experienced and savvy players from San Francisco. REK brings influences from jazz and funk to create original rock music that truly moves people. Composed of veterans of the North coast music scene REK is an up and coming powerful band with an ever increasing following stretching from Portland to L.A.

REK's music can be heard featured on the public television cooking series The Hippy Gourmet airing nationally on PBS.

REK feels at times like they belong in a past era, before generic radio rock, and people often say, "why don't people play music like this anymore?"

Our original house band is Transcendental Hayride, a touring, Jam/Rock group that has provided us with some incredible soundtracks that goes perfectly with our cooking things up!

To order a Transcendental Audio CD: Only $14.00 Each

Things Are Going Just The Way They Should:
The Hayride's newest studio release. Featuring 14 foot-stomping tracks that will leave you groovin'. This is the first release to feature the band's new line-up.
Transcendental Hayride Live: 10/9/03
This is a live show of the bands CD release party held at the Last Day Saloon in San Francisco. The show rocks and contains many songs from the new album as well as many others both new and old. It is available through our friends at Bay Area Recorders, who did an incredible job of recording and mastering the show. Just click the link to purchase.
Hayride-Live at the Last Day Saloon in San Francisco 10/09/03
The band live and in the heat of the moment from their CD release party for "Things are going..."

Robert Temple's deep connection to music began while listening to recordings of his mother's folk singing in the basement of his New Jersey home. Listening to rock and roll, R&B, and later funk and rhythmic international dance music, as well as working and living with people of diverse cultures in Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland, and driving a taxicab in the streets of San Francisco, all helped form the basis for his stories and his style.

In the last couple of years, Robert has developed his powerful vocal style and open tuning, finger-style acoustic guitar playing. This has led to the current release of his CD "If He Could Only Reach Her" on the Broken Pretzel Music label.
You can purchase Robert Temple’s CD here for $20.00 each.



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