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News from The Hippy Gourmet

The Hippy Gourmet Travels to Vancouver and Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Vancouver, BC June 1, 2006 – The Hippy Gourmet TV Show announced today that they will begin a 10-day filming tour of Vancouver and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The series of shows filmed in high-definition will be available for global distribution beginning in October of 2006, and will feature some of Vancouver’s best restaurants and chefs. Each episode will focus on a specific restaurant and will include highlighted segments on local produce that is organic, sustainable and connected directly to each chef’s unique perspective on regional ingredients.

Sponsored in part by the Vancouver, Vancouver Island and British Columbia Boards of Tourism, the Hippy Gourmet TV show will tour and film some of the beautiful and exotic natural locations this area has to offer, combining this with interviews and cooking segments from the top restaurants and chefs.

Available through PBS nationally, through public cable and Google Video, The Hippy Gourmet TV Show reaches over 6 million homes weekly and is in its sixth season of production.

Contact: James Ehrlich – Producer/Director, Hippy Gourmet TV Show – 415-595-3355

The Hippy Gourmet meets Al Gore
Vancouver, BC June 1, 2006 -
Traveling through the Vancouver Airport, the Hippy Gourmet production team ran into former Vice President Al Gore, who was on his way to do interviews about his recent film “An Inconvenient Truth” Mr. Gore was gracious to stop and chat with us about his film and to also talk briefly about his recent film festival awards with Farmer John Peterson (regarding his film, “The Real Dirt on Farmer John”). President Gore was extremely approachable yet warmly evaded our questions about him running for office in 2008! The Hippy Gourmet will be featuring the interview with Al Gore and a movie review, along with links for viewing a trailer and participating with the film through the Hippy Gourmet website.

The Behind the Scenes Story of The Hippy Gourmet – Here is a recent sample article available for publishing that explains the history of the show, its founding producers, director James Ehrlich and host (Hippy Gourmet) Bruce Brennan.


Permissions for re-broadcast of clips from the Hippy Gourmet shows and/or licensing of full-length episodes must be made directly via media at hippy


Hippy Gourmet and the Mac
James is a frequent speaker at tradeshows, conferences and at Apple Stores across the country. To request James' appearance, please contact media at Hippy Gourmet dot com.


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Archived Press Releases

  April 26, 2004
The Hippy Gourmet TV Show signs with the prestigious Sanford J. Greenburger Associates
literary agency for the Hippy Gourmet Cookbook and Guide to the Universe series of books.
  available in pdf
  Sept. 22, 2003
'The Hippy Gourmet' Television Cooking Series Announces the start of its Third Season
  available in pdf

The Hippy Gourmet Fans Say... For More Hippy Gourmet Testimonials
I was hooked after only seeing one episode of the Hippy Gourmet show. I love their website too, it is very informative. It features healthy recipes, food news and cooking tips. My most favorite is their monthly article, newsletter and episode pages! Bravo!!!
I happened to catch an episode of the hippy gourmet tv show recently and then went to check out their website, what I found was a really cool, colorful place! I love to read through the history of their tv series, follow along with the stories from each episode, and then found the recipes that are featured on PBS. The Hippy Gourmet website is a completely fun and accessible place, I signed up for their newsletter and recently I placed an order for a DVD and got 2 for 1 plus free shipping... totally cool dude! The DVD's came with printed recipes and some hippy gourmet collectible buttons, which I wear proudly as I cook up the dishes I found from their site. But the best part of hanging out with the Hippy Gourmet is that my wife and kids and I have rediscovered our kitchen and being together. just rocks!


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