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Episode #91 – On Oahu in Hawaii at the Prince Hotel in Waikiki - featuring Executive Chef Göran Streng! Plus a visit to Mr. Bill’s Glider Rides!

Overlooking the picturesque Ala Wai Yacht Harbor on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii is the luxurious, yet very friendly Hawaii Prince Hotel Waikiki! The hotel presents spectacular all-oceanfront rooms that gaze out across the seemingly endless Pacific! Even though the hotel complex consists of two, Twenty-eight floor towers, the guest rooms are all very open and full of light. At the base of the hotel are restaurants, an open-air lounge, a large and beautiful pool that overlooks the yacht harbor and large park area, and so much more!

Chef Göran Streng is reinterpreting Hawaii's fresh bounty to create a discriminating style that suits today's gourmet travelers. Famed for Contemporary Island Cuisine, the Prince Court is a subtle blend of the classic culinary techniques of East and West, prepared with fresh Island produce from land and sea. The sunset is certainly a focal point from the restaurant's glass walls.

Chef Göran was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule to tell us how a gourmet chef from Finland ended up on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii, shedding his winter fur hats and mittens, for the sand and sea of beautiful Oahu!

Chef Göran prepares a Portabella Mushroom Stuffed Sandwich that combines the full flavors of red wine and Mushroom stock reduction, with the texture of fresh Portobello, very healthy and satisfying!

Then Chef Göran creates a very tasty recipe made from Fresh Moi Fish, which is a fish that is farmed off the coast of Hawaii in a very eco-friendly, aquaculture method. The Moi is not a very large fish, and so the submerged fisheries can take full advantage of being almost sixty feet under water, which allows the Moi to swim freely in practically open water, and enables the very clean and natural flow of water through these immense enclosures.

The best part of course is seeing what kind of sumptuous feast Chef Göran is able to create with such fresh ingredients! Truly a fantastic meal and such a warm guy!

In this show we also send our Hippy Gourmet up into the clouds, literally! We take a trip out to a little air field on the north shore of Oahu to visit Mr. Bill’s Glider Rides. Here we hop into the most amazing flying machines, that aren’t machines at all, because they don’t have any engines! We’re towed up into the sky by a small prop plane, and then once the cable is detached, the soaring can begin! What a blast man!


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