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Episode #90 arriving in Oahu, Hawaii at Restaurant Indigo - Chef Glenn Chu, plus a visit with the Oahu Audubon Society!

Arriving in Oahu we were welcomed instantly by the incredible hospitality of Chef Glenn Chu at Restaurant Indigo. Located in the heart of Oahu’s Chinatown, Indigo is a large, but very warm restaurant setting, surrounded by Asian artwork and antiques that are inviting to the senses.
Chef Glenn took us on a heart-warming tour of his childhood memories, being a local Hawaii boy with roots in a traditional Chinese family. He recalls how his Chinese grandmother who grew her own vegetables in her Manoa garden, and cooked prodigious meals for the family in her giant wok on the wood burning stoves in the backyard. Chef Glenn remembers her strict Taoist spirituality and how that transcended into her particular recipe preparations for specific occasions, and also how he would assist her with cooking for large family gatherings.
All we know is that Chef Glenn Chu is one special person! He exudes the balance of the universe, while entertaining scores of hungry restaurant guests, and while making time to prepare some of the most delicious food we’ve ever eaten! In our time together, Chef Glenn prepared a crazy amount of mouth-watering treats!
For our episode Chef Glenn prepares a Braised Tofu with Chili Peppers, which combines the texture of soft Tofu with the flavorful zing of Chili Peppers… this is a dish that just makes your lips just smack for more!
Then Chef Glenn went back to his Wok to whip up some super fresh Green Beans in a tangy brown sauce that just rocks! And if that isn’t enough, he then shows us how to create the most delicious Chinese Eggplant in Black Bean Sauce that will make you dial the phone right now to make reservations at his Indigo restaurant!
To top it off, Chef Glenn takes us into his ‘Opium Room,’ where he shows off the luxurious day-bed and ornate carvings- truly a magical Restaurant with so many interesting spaces to explore and to enjoy, and right in the heart of Oahu’s Chinatown!

In this show we’re also so blessed to have the opportunity to visit with the Waimea Valley Audubon Center, which is home to 36 botanical gardens and about 6,000 rare species of plants. In ancient times, the valley was a thriving area for taro farmers. Archaeological excavations uncovered many house foundations and several large heiau (sacred temples).
Today, the valley is as beautiful as ever. Visitors can enjoy a 3.5-mile self-guided nature walk to the park’s focal attraction: 40-foot Waimea Falls, which the public is allowed to swim. We were so lucky to have David Orr, the Botanical Program Coordinator take us around and show us all of the abounding beauty that is so precious to take in. All of our episodes from Hawaii will include glimpses of the flowers and nature that the Waimea Valley Audubon Center has to offer. This is a must see place!


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