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Episode #89 on Kauai, Hawaii - At the Princeville Resort!

Executive chef Todd Oldham is more than an expert gourmet chef, he’s also a drummer, and thus utilizes his musical experience in driving rhythms to make his kitchen create dishes in harmonious ways!

Chef Todd has as is backdrop the unbelievably gorgeous Princeville Resort, located on the Nepali Coast in Kauai! This is a breathtaking spot, sitting right on the precipice of the ocean cliffs and looking out across the deep, blue Pacific!

In this episode, Todd prepares a marvelous Heart of Palm Salad with goat cheese from Louisa Wooten’s Kunana Goat Dairy Farms! Heart of Palm was considered a famine food prior it to becoming all the rage as a gourmet ingredient- because to chop down a palm tree that bears the fruit of coconut meat and milk, people must have been super hungry!

But Chef Todd shows how to take the whole heart of Palm and cut into manageable pieces, how to boil it to bring it to perfect softness, and then how to create a truly fantastic and light appetizer. Of course having the local farmers present who make the fresh Goat Cheese and Organic Greens makes all the difference in the world!

Then Chef Oldham makes a Pan Seared Hawaiian Snapper with Finger Potatoes, fresh Organic Greens from Phil Davies Organic Farm, and a Japanese Mustard Sauce that is full of flavor! Here is a dish that crackles with freshness, the white, flakey Snapper is juicy and succulent and the greens are vibrant with color, flavor and bursting with vitamins!

In this episode we also hitch a ride on Smith’s Boat Tours, riding up the pristine rivers to the Grotto and waterfall that have etched a perfectly divine place in nature! On the boat trip you won’t want to miss our host Bruce and Lena getting their personal ‘Hula’ lesson from the native musicians and dancers who guide the boat trip up and down the river banks.


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