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At the Maui Prince Hotel - Maui, Hawaii

In this episode we are truly fortunate to feature the amazing Maui Prince Hotel, which is located in Makena, which is the southern tip of beautiful Maui in Hawaii! This is where the gentle slopes of Haleakala meet the white sand beach and crystal waters of the Pacific.
Here in the Prince Court Restaurant we meet Executive chef Greg Gaspar, who is in charge of the menu and presentation at this grand location. Chef Greg uses the produce from fertile upcountry Maui and prepares some wonderful dishes just for us!
Chef Gaspar prepares a lovely Lobster Dumpling with a Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, which is a delicate recipe that combines the essence and flavors of Lobster, while at the same time balancing the culinary influences of eastern and western kitchens, doing so adeptly we might add!

Greg also whips up a Seared Ahi Tuna over Soft Polenta with Shitake Mushrooms and a Wasabe sauce that is an inspired recipe to be sure! Utilizing his direct contacts wish ocean fishermen, who bring the bounty of the Pacific off of Hawaii right to his doorstep and then right on to the plate, Greg makes it all come together in perfect harmony!
Greg is a super warm person, bringing such artistry to all of his culinary creations and providing a taste of the Aloha spirit in every recipe he prepares!
Also in this episode, we take a tour of the Makena Golf Course with Golf Pro Kirk Nelson- as he shows us his ‘Hippie’ swing! Kirk’s uncle inspired him to become a professional golfer and his mom always told him to follow his dreams, so by listening to both of them, Kirk has one of the most incredible jobs on the planet!

The walking tours along at the Maui Prince cover hundreds of acres of wild and pristine flora and fauna, all leading up to the dark, volcanic rocky shores that are the home to all matter of sea life- from gigantic sea turtles, to tropical fish of every size and shape to the majestic humpback whales that frolic just off the shore line!

As a soft and buttery sound track to this show, we are so blessed to feature Ron Kuala’au, an amazing recording artist whose soft voice and sweet sounding guitar is guaranteed to get you into the Aloha spirit! Ron sings a couple of beautiful songs just for us, and provides the soothing tones of his music to compliment this very fun episode!



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