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Roselani Ice Cream Factory and Ali’i Kula Lavender farm - Maui, Hawaii

Roselani Ice Cream started with Grandpa Manuel Nobriga in 1932. In 1970, his son, “Buddy,” selected the name Roselani. Today, in the very same Wailuku location, Kathy Nobriga Kim continues her family’s tradition of making mouthwatering ice cream from scratch.
In this Episode, join us as Kathy takes us on a tour of the ice cream making process, as she prepares a fresh batch of Green Tea Ice Cream (YUM!). Then she tells us the secret to eating ice cream at its optimal time.

There’s something about ice-cream that’s produced by a family-run business that spans several generations…you can taste all the special love and care that such a tradition has to offer!
But probably the best part of Roselani Ice Cream is that they search out the very best in the regions providers of luscious and sustainable tropical fruits from around Hawaii, blending this with the freshest local dairy and making this into a creamy, swirling sensation that dances down your throat!


In this same episode we take the time to go Up Country Maui to the Ali’i kula Lavender Farm where we meet Lani, who takes us on a tour of this vast Lavender farm! Perched high upon the mountain side overlooking all of Maui, the Lavender (although not indigenous to Hawaii) grows in forty-two varieties!

Lani’s warm hospitality and gentle Aloha spirit welcomes visitors from all around the world, providing the most delicious Lavender teas, mixed with Lavender Honey and home-made Lavender Scones that fill your senses with the purest form of light purple colors. Ali’I Kula Lavender farm is the most perfect place to stroll, relax, unwind and take in the aromas of a rainbow of flowers!

We mixed Roselani and Ali’i Kula Lavender farm together into one episode, because Roselani actually uses Ali’i Kula’s Lavender to create a very special flavor of Tropical Mango and Lavender Ice Cream! Thus the perfect fit of flavors and family tradition that spans the highest point of Maui, down to sea level! Enjoy!


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