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Guest Chef Beverly Gannon - Maui, Hawaii

Beverly Gannon is acclaimed for being one of the 12 original founders of the Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement. As chef and owner of Hali’imaile General Store, Joe’s in Wailea and Celebration’s Catering, Beverly creates stylish, down-home menus bursting with island-fresh ingredients and flavors that define her particular style. Beverly Gannon is the consummate professional, blending true artistry and a real love for everything she puts her attention to.

Since 1999, Bev has also been fortunate enough to share her talent and cuisine with Hawaiian Airlines as their corporate chef. In October 2003, Conde Nast Traveler magazine named Hawaiian Airlines top domestic carrier in the United States for both food and cabin service.

In this episode, Bev prepares a couple of mouth-watering dishes from her menu, including a Grilled Veggie Summer Roll with Grilled Veggies and a sweet and tangy dipping sauce! This is a light and healthy vegetarian recipe that is the perfect, hand-held appetizer, or party plate! The colors of the grilled veggies peak out from the translucent rice paper rolls, providing a hint of all the flavors about to hit your palette! The dipping sauce completes the picture in your mouth, by starting sweet, and then becoming tangy and a little spicy as it hits your taste buds! Wow!

The next dish Bev creates is her very special Hawaiian Fish Cake, with her incredible Mango Salsa and garnished with fresh, Organic greens! This is a must-see plate for those who adore fish or crab cakes, especially because Bev uses only the finest blend of freshly cubed assorted Tuna pieces, and sears them in the most delicate of Japanese breading imaginable! The balance of flavors and textures that Beverly Gannon brings to the table is something spectacular!

Just wait until you see this show, you will want to get on a Hawaiian Airlines flight and go directly to Hali’imaile General Store and visit Beverly in person!


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