The Hippy Gourmet Full DVD Catalogue  
  DVD - Episode 10 (Fresh Granola and Green Thai Curry - Cookout at PAWS)
  DVD - Episode 38 (Moussaka, Baklava, and Fruit Carving Seminar while cruising the Amazon River!)  
  DVD - Episode 39 (Black Beans, Salsa, and Yucca & Plantains)
  DVD - Episode 54 (Mushroom Stroganoff, Quinoa, Crepe Lorange, and the Hippy Gourmet Make-Over)  
  DVD - Episode 56 (Amaranth Grain, Veggie Jambalaya, Apple and Fig Compote)
  DVD - Episode 58 (Borscht, Salad Olivier, Beet Salad, and Stuffed Peppers with Guest Chef Lara)  
  DVD - Episode 61 (Veggie Fried Rice, Wok-Style Veggies, plus the annual Bay to Breakers Race)
  DVD - Episode 62 (Zurich, Switzerland and Gate Gourmet)  
  DVD - Episode 63 (In Amsterdam at Restaurant De Kas)
  DVD - Episode 64 (In Amsterdam at the NH Barbizon Palace, plus a visit to the Dutch countryside)  
  DVD - Episode 65 (Touring the Canals of Amsterdam by Boat, plus a BBQ)
  DVD - Episode 66 (Staying at the Grand Sofitel, Amsterdam and dining at Café Roux)  
  DVD - Episode 67 (Train ride to the Hague with a visit to Restaurant Djawa)
  DVD - Episode 68 (In The Hague - dinner at the Restaurant It Rains Fishes)  
  DVD - Episode 69 (Back in Amsterdam at Restaurant Five Flies)
  DVD - Episode 70 (Restaurants En Pluche and Le Garage featuring Joop Braakhekke)  
  DVD - Episode 71 (Restaurant Cinema Paradiso, Amsterdam)
  DVD - Episode 72 (In Italy at the Cowboy's Guest Ranch, Voghera, Italy)  
  DVD - Episode 73 (In Italy from Pisa to Pizza, Seghieri Pizza Torte in Livorno)
  DVD - Episode 75 (A private boat ride to Palmaria Island and restaurant Locando Lorena)  
  DVD - Episode 76 (Trattoria La Grotto, plus Podere la Cappella winery)
  DVD - Episode 77 (Ceralti Vinyard and Michele Satta Winery)  
  DVD - Episode 78 (Castello di Magona)
  DVD - Episode 79 (Restorante il Lucumone, located in Castello di Populonia)  
  DVD - Episode 81 (Miramare, Seaside Resort, Livorno, Italy)
  DVD - Episode 82 (Gino Carmignani, Montecarlo, Italy)  
  DVD - Episode 83 (Up the Mendocino Coast at the Stanford Inn)
  DVD - Episode 84 (Guest Chef Beverly Gannon - Maui, Hawaii)  
  DVD - Episode 85 (Chef/Owner James Mcdonald, Plus a visit to the Surfing Goat Dairy - Maui, Hawaii)
  DVD - Episode 86 (Roselani Ice Cream Factory and Alii Kula Lavender farm - Maui, Hawaii)  
  DVD - Episode 87 (At the Maui Prince Hotel - Maui, Hawaii)
  DVD - Episode 88 (Kiahuna Plantation Resort Restaurant - Kauai, Hawaii, Featuring Chef Kirk Lowe)  
  DVD - Episode 89 (At the Princeville Resort - Kauai, Hawaii)
  DVD - Episode 90 (Restaurant Indigo - Chef Glenn Chu, plus a visit with the Oahu Audubon Society)  
  DVD - Episode 91 (Prince Hotel in Waikiki, Plus a visit to Mr. Bills Glider Rides - Oahu, Hawaii)

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