The Hippy Gourmet is dedicated to producing television media that enlightens audiences on worthy non-profit organizations that are making a difference for our planet and humanity overall!

Each week we do our best to highlight these fantastic groups and their message, focusing on the people who work really hard to do their part in building a better community and world.

Please take the time to visit our most favorite non-profit organizations, they can use your support, plus they’re all Charitable Donations (501c) and thus tax deductible! Also, if you know of any worthy organizations, locally, regionally, nationally and globally that you’d like The Hippy Gourmet Show to feature in an episode, then please do contact us at

PAWS – Performing Animal Welfare Society-
Founded in 1986 by Pat Derby and Ed Stewart, PAWS is our nation’s largest wildlife sanctuary! Rescuing and nurturing wild animals from the entertainment industry and illegal captive breeders around the country, PAWS is an incredible organization that could sure use your support!

Monterey Bay Aquarium -
The Hippy Gourmet discovers the Seafood Watch Program, learning directly about endangered fish populations, fish farming and other issues surrounding one of the world’s last greatest sources of wild protein. Most of all the Monterey Bay Aquarium reconnects us to ourselves, to the tranquility we all strive for in our daily lives and is a wonderful place to visit, volunteer and contribute to.

R. Buckminster Fuller
To know about Buckminster Fuller, or ‘Bucky’ as he was called, is to know about the ‘empowerment’ of individuals to support innovation on this ‘spaceship earth’ we live on! Bucky was more than an inventor, or philosopher, rather his message lives on in the minds and hearts of those who see clearly how the world can be made a better place, one person at a time.

Solar Living Institute -
Located in Hopland, California, the Solar Living Institute is an oasis of good will and ingenuity! Creating life from barren waste lands, and building a sustainable, energy efficient institute and alternative product retail store is only part of the Solar Living Institute's accomplishments! Check them out and see for yourself where the future of homes, offices and life is taking shape in a forward thinking way!

Parks Council
Everyday in busy urban environments, children and families are being forced to live without proper parks and playgrounds! Here’s a great group of people who are taking this matter to the streets and corners of our neighborhoods, making real progress in providing safe, accessible parks and playgrounds for families to partake in and enjoy.

Hamilton Family Center -
The Hamilton Family Center is a marvelous organization that supports needy families with housing, grocery purchasing and educational resources for putting families back together.

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