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Episode #96 at Restaurant Bistrot de Venise!

Located in the heart of Venice, Italy, Bistrot de Venise is an utterly charming place where your host Sergio Fragiacomo will make you feel like one of the family!

Bistrot de Venice is world renowned for its historical interpretations of authentic Venetian recipes that date back to the 15th century. Bistrot de Venice is also known for being a hot-spot for poets and artists alike, who come and spend time in this Venice bistro to sip wine and find their inspiration for their next creative works.

Executive Chef Antonio Bufi takes us through a couple of these historical dishes, including Risotto with Peas and Sturgeon with Cherry Sauce and White Garlic!

Chef Antonio is absolutely a character, and lights up the kitchen with his singing and Groucho Marx-like facial expressions! We’re also joined by Chef Alessandro who helps prepare the Risotto as well.

Then we’re so blessed to enter the pastry kitchen and meet up with Pastry Chef Francesca Luri! Francesca has a smile that is warmer than all of the baking ovens in Venice put together, and prepares a lovely Torte Bianca, which is also a dessert recipe from the 15th century!

Bistrot de Venise also cultivates relationships with unique wineries in North Eastern Italy and the surrounding area to Venice, offering a variety of wines that are outstanding in every sense of the imagination.

So when in Venice, stop by at Bistrot de Venice and enjoy a fantastic lunch or dinner after strolling the alleyways and canals, taking the steps back in time that connect us all to a simpler, sweeter time!


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