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Episode #95 in Venice, Italy on the majestic Eolo Sailing Ship!

When people think of Venice, Italy they instantly think about the canals and gondolas gliding past, or the winding alley ways, coupled together by romantic little bridges. But what most people miss when visiting Venice is the rich history that comes from the larger lagoon that surrounds the city.

In this episode we are so blessed to have the opportunity to hitch a ride on the historically restored sailing/fishing vessel known as Eolo. Owner and Chef Mauro Stoppa gives us a lovely tour of the lagoon, setting sail and then bringing us down below where he whips up some incredible dishes!

Mauro prepares Marinated Scampi with Artichoke Hearts and Fresh Mint, using the freshest large shrimp from the Adriatic Sea! Then Mauro makes a Cuddle Fish with Shallots and Cherry Sauce, creating one very special and interesting plate! Of course there’s always has to be pasta, so Mauro creates a Risotto with Fresh Peas that is out of this world. And to top it off, Mauro bakes a gigantic Sea Robin, along with pan fried young potatoes!

Cruising the lagoon all day, eating gourmet faire and being served like royalty was only just the beginning of our experience! That evening we dock at Locanda Alle Porte 1632, a family-owned and operated fully organic bed and breakfast! Owners Orindo and Maria and their extended family treat us to a fantastic dinner, followed by a breakfast that included organic preserves and fresh baked pastries! Yum!

Later that morning we venture off with Orindo as he gives us a tour of the family owned Organic Farm that provides all the produce for their restaurant and bed and breakfast! It’s wonderful to see a traditional family farm that stays away from all pesticides and genetic engineered growing practices!

Departing Locanda Alle Porte was difficult, as it is such a relaxing spot and the family was so sweet to us- but Eolo is meant to sail and so we’re off to visit the islands dotting the Venice lagoon such as Burano, known for it’s famous lace artisans. Then we dock and have an extended visit to the island of Lazzaretto Nuovo, the island known since ancient times as they gateway, or entrance of the Venetian lagoon. We’re met there by Dr. Gerolamo Fazzini, who gives us a fantastic glimpse back in time to the early beginnings of Venice itself.

Finally, Eolo winds its way toward the Island of Torcello where we are invited into Locanda Cipriani for a fabulous luncheon! Hosted by Bonifacio Brass, Locanda Cipriani is known for being the place that actually invented Carpaccio! Locanda Cipriani is also known for hosting Ernest Hemmingway when he wrote Across the River and into the Trees! Surrounded by lush gardens and an ancient monastery, the combination of gourmet dining and historic vistas makes this place a must visit!

Grazie Mille to Mauro, Antonio and the rest of the crew of Eolo for making this trip one of the most memorable in Hippy Gourmet history!


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