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Episode #94 Hotel Gritti Palace in Venice Italy!

Located on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, the Hotel Gritti Palace originates back to 1525, and has hosted some of the world’s most notable royalty and entertainment stars.

The romance of Venice is multiplied a thousand fold, sitting on the veranda overlooking the Grand Canal from such an amazing hotel as the Gritti Palace. The walls are adorned with original artworks and the ceilings with hand-blown glass chandeliers, and yet the feeling all around is approachable comfort.

In this episode we meet Daniele Turco, the Executive Chef at the Gritti Palace who takes us on a tour of his grand kitchen and back into his life experiences, of becoming a world class chef.

Then we meet Franco Sanna, the Sous Chef at the Gritti Palace who shows us how he prepares a beautiful Brazed Sea Bass with Gnocchi Polenta and Fresh Tomato. Franco also gives us a tour of the world famous Gritti Palace cooking school, which boasts several types of courses available to chefs at all levels of experience.

Imagine how wonderful to tour Venice by day on of the magical walking tours that the Gritti Palace hosts as part of the cooking school, and then in afternoon learning how to prepare some fantastic culinary delights, only to sit down in the comfort of their palatial dining room to take in all the flavors that you learned all about that very same day!

The best part of the Gritti Palace is a combination of their super comfortable rooms, luxurious service that pampers your every wish and of course being right there on the Grand Canal where you can hop a gondola or private taxi and be off into any number of incredible Venice adventures!

Grazie per tutti, Gritti Palace!


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