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Episode #93 - Grotta Giusti Spa Hotel in Tuscany, Italy!

Located against the rolling green hills of Tuscany, the Hotel Spa Grotta Giusti is our first stop on our Hippy Gourmet, Great Spas of Italy Tour!

Grotta Giusti is situated inside its own beautiful park and boasts a variety of very peaceful settings, nestled in the lush greenery amidst the sounds of birds all around.

We’re guided through the magical 19th century history of Grotta Giusti, by hotel manager Antonio Niccoli. Grotta Giusti was founded in 1849 by … and later some workers discovered the amazing and elaborate underground caves that make up the Grotta. Divided into three categories, Paradise, Purgatory and Hell, the Grotta is a natural steam bath and gets hotter and hotter as one travels deeper and deeper down into the earth.

Up above, the natural healing waters fill the enlarged Olympic sized pools and waterfalls, which have been designed to maximize the therapeutic capabilities through Jacuzzi jets and high powered streams. The Spa manager Sandro Baronti takes on a tour of this modern Spa that surrounds the thermal baths and that offers a paradise of soothing and cosmetic therapies. We also visit with Stefania Orzali, a therapist in the spa who demonstrates how the fantastic light therapy bed works with the colors and frequencies of the spectrum…very psychedelic and cool!

Blending the true Italian Spa experience with the culinary gourmet and organic ingredients, we meet Paolo Fruchi Restaurant Manager and Chef Fabio Fanti, who explains to us how the spa and kitchen are linked in a way that brings the greatest health and wellness to each client.

First we prepare a fresh Seafood Antipasto, with sustainable seafood from the Mediterranean that includes Langostines, Shrimp, Muscles and Clams…all steamed to perfection and dressed very lightly in a natural Olive Oil and herb sauce. Fantastic!

Then Chef Fabio creates a stunning Seared Tuna with black and white Sesame seeds, garnished with steamed organic veggies, and dressed with a colorful Safron, White Wine and Shallot sauce! Yummy!

In the bar we meet Andrea Balleri who was awarded best bar man of the year in 2004 in Singapore! Andrea makes us his house special Grotta Giusti cocktail that includes a wide variety of sweet and tangy ingredients.

What better way to finish off the episode and meal than to have Crepes Suzette! Here we meet Pasquale LaPore who is the master of the flambé and shows us how to light up one heck of a dessert! His special version of this classic dish includes local fresh organic berries and a sprinkling of toasted almonds to top it all off! Wow! To Die for!

There isn’t a way to describe the best part about Grotta Giusti, because frankly there are just way too many incredible facets to this awe-inspiring and relaxing spa hotel. The natural surroundings, the mysterious and healing caves that make up the Grotta, the luxurious pools, saunas and spa treatments that pamper every want or need, there’s just so much positive energy coming from this place! But probably what heals people the most at Grotta Giusti are the staff that make it their life’s work to bring tranquility to each and every person who walks through their doors!

We give Grotta Giusti a set of Gold 5 Stars!



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