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Episode 92 - A visit with LSG Sky Chefs & Lufthansa Airlines Featuring Chef Bernd Schmitt & Chef Joachim Splichal

In this episode we back track from our travels to Europe on Lufthansa Airlines, to visit LSG Sky Chefs in Dallas, Texas. We’re greeted by Executive Corporate Chef Bernd Schmitt who takes us on a guided tour of how Lufthansa plans and prepares their in-flight gourmet recipes!

As a part of Lufthansa Airlines’ on-going “Star Chef” program, we are honored to meet up with Joachim Splichal, who is the Chef and Owner of the Patina Group in Los Angeles. Chef Splichal is a world renowned gourmet chef and entrepreneur who has over 2,500 employees working in his various restaurants and catering companies.

Together, Bernd and Joachim prepare one of the flagship recipes that they’ve planned for Lufthansa First-Class, which is a Wild Salmon with Veggies and a Clam Vinaigrette!

Upon our arrival in Frankfurt, Germany we meet up with Thomas Stets who is the Manager of the LSG Sky Chef in-flight food designs in Germany. Thomas invites us backstage into the Lufthansa First Class lounge, which is one of the most incredible airport lounges in the world!

Later we meet with Chef Frank Hahn who shows us around the Lufthansa First Class lounge dining accommodations and areas where passengers can relax in style and comfort.

Lufthansa Airlines is a fantastic and efficient company that is made up of warm and generous people. The in-flight services are magnificent and the Hippy Gourmet TV Show is proud to have Lufthansa as our long-haul airline of choice for our Euro Tour 2005!


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