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Seafood Mousse
Also referred to as a Seafood Mousse Roll-up, this really
interesting and tasty appetizer combines a host of blended
Seafood’s, from Scallops to Shrimp and White Fish. The Hippy
then poaches this entire mixture into a fashioned roll of joy
that is sliced and served cold on a plate with fresh, homemade
Cocktail Sauce. A slice of Lemon & some Lettuce for Garnish.


Mocha and Raspberry Swirl Cheesecakes
The favorite of Manny the Hippy, we always have to make a few
extra Cheesecakes to make sure there’s enough for everyone!
We’re talking Mocha Swirl in one cake and Raspberry Swirl in
another, both lined with freshly ground graham cracker crust,
and so delicate to the taste you almost believe you’re eating
a fluffy mousse of some kind. Simply put, Wow!

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