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Up the Mendocino Coast at the Stanford Inn

Driving up to Mendocino there’s just something about the Pacific Ocean, stretching out and across the horizon that makes for such an infinite view across space and time. The rocky formations that protrude along the beaches and coves provide for such a dramatic occurrence of ocean mist that sprays with every crashing wave.

Right before entering the town of Mendocino, tucked quietly beyond their sprawling organic gardens, you’ll find the Stanford Inn. With forty-one guest rooms and all with fireplaces, the Stanford Inn has something for everyone. This B&B resort offers kayaking, canoeing, sailing, horseback riding and also has an indoor swimming pool, gym and access to some of the world’s most perfect hiking and biking trails!

Joan and Jeff Stanford founded the Inn and from its inception decided that it should be 100% pet friendly. Considering that most families include their pets as family members, the Stanford Inn provides special food bowls, daily treats and accommodates special bedding for the furrier in ones family.

The Ravens Restaurant is very much a part of the Stanford Inn, and serves an amazing array of ultra gourmet Vegan and Vegetarian dishes! Chef de Cuisine Gunner Thompson takes us on a wonderful culinary journey through the Stanford Inn gardens to pick some fresh ingredients for today’s special menu.

The first recipe he prepares for us is the Raven’s Warm Fig Salad. Made with freshly picked Beets, Figs and Lettuce, this organic salad is served warm and mixed with Lavender and Honey dressing. Yum!

Then Gunner makes some fresh Sobe with Corn Masa and topped with a special Tomatilla Salsa, with all of the fresh ingredients being picked directly from the Stanford Inn gardens!

Andrew Field is the Pastry Chef at the Stanford Inn and prepares a warm Orange Spice Cake, made with organic ingredients and topped with freshly picked Black Berries!

So whether you’re searching for a perfect place to spend a long weekend, or want to have an extended stay in complete tranquility, the Stanford Inn offers so much warmth and hospitality!


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