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G. Fuso – Gino Carmignani, Montecarlo, Italy!

Tucked into the hills of Tuscany, just outside the hilltop village of Montecarlo, Italy is the vineyard and restaurant of G. Fuso Camignani, who is commonly known as Fuso.

This family has had this property going back seven hundred years, with the three generations (Fuso’s Father, Fuso and his children) running the restaurant and vineyard today.

Behind the main kitchen, draped under a complete umbrella of grape vines is the outside dining area. Here is where famous movie stars and politicians, writers and musicians all come together to enjoy Fuso’s famous Tuscan soup, along with some of the other house specialties, including Tuscan Fried Chicken, Chips and a special Almond Cookie for dipping into Port for dessert.

Going with the mouth watering dishes from the kitchen are Fuso’s fantastic red wines named after the famous band leader Duke Ellington. “For Duke” is a selection of fruit filled red table wines that all dance with the harmony of the music that inspired Fuso to create these wines in the first place.



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