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Miramare, Seaside Resort, Livorno, Italy!

What can be said about Miramare that is otherwise indescribable! Imagine a five-star, seaside resort that has all of the amenities of a luxurious space, only with the most laid-back feeling imaginable! Join owner Roberto Volpi as he takes us on a grand tour!

Miramare is probably the only place in the entire world where families can pull their RV’s right up to the most stunning Mediterranean views! Miramare also offers fantastic, and brand new, fully furnished bungalows that include two bedrooms, bathroom and a full kitchen, along with charming patios for dining and visiting with friends!

At Miramare you can learn to scuba dive, surf, take dancing lessons, or merely just relax in this awe inspiring location, while mingling with relaxed campers from around the world!

In this episode we have a real celebration! Cooking out on an open fire at the poolside, The Hippy Gourmet pairs up with Alessandro the head chef of Miramare, to prepare a Vegan Ratatouille, a Veggie Fried Rice and a wonderful Summer Fruit Compote!

So when you plan to visit Tuscany and Livorno, and you only want the most incredible place to stay, plan on Miramare!


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