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Osteria del Contadino, Guasticce, Italy!

We came to the Osteria del Contadino at dusk, watching the orange ball of a sun slip slowly into the Mediterranean Sea, while painting the sky across the mountains with hues of soft pink pastels.

Here we met father and son team Bruno and David Gastaldin and they took us right into their kitchens and hearts to prepare some very special dishes, including Artichoke Steamed with wine and Sunflower Oil, served with a wedge of Pecorino Cheese, then on to the pastas with Ravioli and Truffle shavings, along with the house special Gnocchi.

While the son David was showing us how he makes the fresh pasta, rolling it out, cutting it into Ravioli shapes and filling them with a variety of local cheeses, his Father Bruno was making the rounds at the restaurant, entertaining the guests with his flair for carving delicious cured meats directly at the table.

Blending it all with some amazing and robust Chianti Tenuta (2003) from the area, Osteria del Contadino is something truly special to experience when visiting Tuscany!



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