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Lamb Brochette with Shrimp & Veggie Tempura
This episode is history in the making because it’s the ONLY time
The Hippy Gourmet ever prepared meat of any kind! Of course
it’s delicious, marinated to perfection and grilled on skewers.
To compliment the plate, and because Bruce himself won’t eat meat, he makes some really delicate and delicious Tempura. Lightly battered Shrimp and Veggies, it’s good stuff!


Apple Crumble
Oh man, you have no idea how good an Apple Crumble can be
until you’ve experienced The Hippy Gourmet’s! It’s so completely
terrific that there really aren’t sufficient adjectives to describe
this mouth watering item! Co-Starring is Bruce’s lovely
and creamy Vanilla Custard that goes with this dish like Bonnie
went with Clyde! A fresh garden flower and mint sprig top it off!

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