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Castello di Magona!

Across from Elba Island on the Miramme Coast of Tuscany, located on the most perfect hill top, is the Castello di Magona! This is an actual castle built in the 16th century by the Grande Duke of Tuscany Leopolde I.

Greeting us at the front door of this incredible historical house is Cesare Merciai, one of the descendants of the family that purchased the castle and its lands from the Grand Duke’s family, who takes us on a grand tour and is happy to share his warm hospitality with us.

The history of Castello di Magona is steeped in all the magic that surrounds the vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees that line the hillside around the castle walls. It speaks of a time when great and sometimes benevolent monarchs ruled the regional domains of Italy.

We are also extremely honored to have guest chefs’ Mimi and Adrienne prepare some fresh Fettucini Pasta, created in the royal kitchen! Yum!


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