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Ceralti Vinyard and Michele Satta Winery!

What a magical tour of the wine districts of Tuscany! This is a trip that needs to be savored as delicately as the wines, visiting each vineyard with a clean palate and open mind and heart.

We begin our visit with Ceralti Vinyards. This winery was founded in 1850 and passed down through the generations until coming to it's present owner Dott. Walter Alfeo.
It is located in the commune of Castagneto Carducci, part in the plains and part on the hillsides. The vineyards are on the Bolgheri-Castagneto borders where the soil, microclimate and southern exposure combine to produce unique wine.

Leaving the hot, sunny Tuscan day behind us, we stepped down the long staircase into the Ceralti cask room, where dozens of wooden barrels and casks contain the previous years’ wines. Here in this cool, dry place, shafts of sunlight streak their beams across the top of the ceiling way on high.

Selecting a few of their better known bottles, we return to the tasting area upstairs and outside in the shade of a giant tree that stands magically at the front of their main building

Moving on to Michele Satta Winery in Castagneto Carducci, we were fortunate to visit with Michele Satta himself who gave us a guided tour of their vineyards and subterranean storage facility. Michele Satta founded his winery in 1984 and in 1988 built the most refined machinery for controlling temperature and refrigeration in his cellars. The goal was the maximum of varietal character and aromas from the grapes.


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