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Trattoria La Grotta, plus Podera la Cappela winery!

Ok, so our guide and co-producer on our trip to Italy Luca explained that today we would travel up into a village on a hill and dine in a restaurant built into a cave!

Well after all we’d been through so far, we thought that this surely must be something to behold, and it certainly was! Driving in to La Sassa village and coming to Trattoria La Grotta we were warmly welcomed by Ivio Paperini the chef and owner, along with his son Tony Paperini and their entire extended family!

Entering La Grotta is something out of this world, as you’re actually entering a restaurant built into an actual cave located on a hill side! The warm lighting and aromas of fresh ingredients and family style cooking made this cave seem more like a womb however.

Into the kitchen with Ivio Paperini as he prepared an incredible Tuscan soup made with beans and fresh bread. Although the story goes that this soup was invented by the poor people of Italy during the rough times, now it’s considered a true delicacy and enjoyed by everyone, including us!

He also prepared a lovely pheasant along with potatoes and vegetables. We were also blessed to have Natasha from Podera la Cappela winery who brought several varietals for our tasting and dining pleasure! Podera la Cappela is a family owned vineyard that specializes in Italian red and white wines that are enchanting!

And for dessert, (or Dolce), we were taken upstairs to learn the special process of their family recipe. A soft of Tiramisu comprised of layers of brandy soaked cookies, topped with fresh cream and butter and topped off with a special coffee drink that had enough kick in it to start a small revolution somewhere!

What a time at La Grotto! Something to plan for on any visit to Tuscany for a once in a life time experience!


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