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A private boat ride to Palmaria Island and restaurant Locando Lorena!

Across from Portevenere, Italy in what’s known as Cinque Terra, or the Five Villages, there is a tiny triangle shaped island called Palmaria.

Hopping on to the private motor launch of restaurant Locando Lorena, we were whisked across the harbor with breathtaking views all around us of this ancient Mediterranean village and surrounding area.

Arriving at the dock on Palmaria Island, Giuseppe was there to greet us with a warm wave and hardy handshake, welcoming us to his restaurant and bed and breakfast there.

Perhaps you can imagine why it is that so many famous people, including music and movie stars, athletes and even royalty visit Locando Loreno- because as soon as you step off of the boat on to the dock and enter this open-air restaurant environment, your view is the entire bay behind you with Portevenere across the harbor!

Giuseppe went to work instantly upon our arrival, preparing a fresh seafood grill experience that was beyond description! The open grill area is fired by fresh hard wood from the area that is actually placed behind the grill, with the heat radiating outwards and creating an extremely balanced cooking process that doesn’t burn or char the food.

Of course before we had a chance to enjoy the seafood grill, Giuseppe and his minions of chefs and assistants created an anti-pasta extravaganza that seem to go on for days! We had everything from Fish Dumplings to Mussels Marinara, Calamari and Marinated Salmon…and all of this even before a huge pasta dish was served!

The Pasta included both Pesto and Garlic/Olive Oil with fresh seafood, which was the perfect dish to lead us directly to the seafood grill! Imagine as the sun in setting over the harbor and Palmaria Island, the beautiful crescent moon is rising above the glistening waters of Cinque Terra and being served a seafood grill that includes Lobster, Fresh White Fish, Clams, Shrimp and a whole lot of love!

Grazie Giuseppe, Grazie mile!

PS – to reserve a place at Locando Loreno bed and breakfast requires at least six weeks advance notice and to get a seat at the restaurant at least three weeks (unless of course you’re Mick Jaeger, or Rod Stewart).


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