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In Italy from Pisa to Pizza, Seghieri Pizza Torte in Livorno.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is spectacular! Built over the course of many decades, during multiple wars between regional factions, it wasn’t until three years into building that they noticed the tower’s tilt. Rather than start from scratch, they continued construction with the intent of making something pretty different.

Pisa is also the birth place of Galileo and is steeped in the art, science and history that shaped the modern world. Today, the Leaning Tower compound is host to tourists from around the world, who love to pose in photographs as if attempting to hold up the tower.

On route from Pisa to Livorno we work up quite an appetite, so when we arrive in Livorno we head directly to Siegheiri Pizza Torta! Owned and operated since 1912, Siegheiri Pizza Torta has a lovely brick oven, fired with fresh crackling hardwood.

The owner, Vittonio Siegheiri shows us how to make their house specialty, which is an entirely vegan Pizza made from Garbonzo Bean Flour and spread out on a thick-lipped pizza tray! This is something really special as it bakes up to bubbling perfection in their oven, then just several minutes later is removed, sliced up and seasoned with a little fresh ground black pepper!

There’s nothing like experiencing a family tradition of cooking and eating in such a charming location as this! So when you’re in Livorno, Italy you must stop at Sieghieri Pizza Torta and sample this amazing recipe for yourself!



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