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In Italy at the Cowboy’s Guest Ranch, Voghera, Italy.

There’s nothing quite like stepping off the airplane in Milan and driving a couple of hours through the countryside of northwest Italy, only to come upon the Cowboy’s Guest Ranch!

Yes it’s true, in the middle of Italy there is a western style Cowboy Ranch, with stables full of horses, a family amusement park and even a giant rodeo pavilion, mostly used for dressage and performances.

The Cowboy’s Guest Ranch has something very special to offer everyone, including weekend getaways on horseback that are fully catered and include bringing in the cows from pasture!

The cuisine is American as Apple Pie, with a real southwest twist that includes Nachos and Salsa, sizzling fresh plates of Fajitas with Corn or Flour Tortillas, gigantic Steaks and French Fries and desserts that are deliciously tempting to try all of them at once!

Most importantly, your host Carlo Riccardi and his entire family are there to make your stay warm, comfortable and down right laid-back! The guest rooms are all in the style of a western ranch, with antiques, photos and a real sense of being in the wild-west, err, of Italy that is!

So when you’re in Italy, you HAVE to go and stay at the Cowboy’s Guest Ranch! Dust off those jeans, pull down that cowboy hat and tell ‘em The Hippy Gourmet sent ‘ya! Yahoo partner!



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