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Restaurant Cinema Paradiso, Amsterdam.

What inspires someone to open a restaurant in a former movie theatre, filling the space with photographs from almost every classic movie ever made, and then staffing the restaurant with friends and family from his native Italy? Owner Carmine was so enthralled by the movie Cinema Paradiso that he decided to combine all of this with his love of food and make one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants.

Master Chef Tassone Massimi Liano, or Massimo as he’s known is originally from Genova, Italy. Everyday fresh produce comes in from Naples and is carefully inspected and then prepared a la minute to be served upon order.

Chef Massimo was kind enough to spend a few hours with us, working on a few of the restaurant’s more popular Pasta dishes. So we are very fortunate to have this master chef showing us how to prepare Ravioli with Fresh Shrimp and the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli as well!

Later we sat down for dinner at Cinema Paradiso and started with an incredible Antipasta dish that was filled with so many amazing colors it looked like it should be displayed in a modern art museum! The Antipasta included all kinds of Marinated Veggies, from Eggplant to Peppers and Mushrooms and a variety of Marinated Octopus and Fish. The pasta then followed with a Spinach and Ricotta Cheese filled Ravioli that was made from the freshest Pasta and was truly a sublime experience! Then it’s a blur really, all the dishes kept coming and coming, from a plate full of Vongole (fresh steamed Clams in Garlic), to all kinds of Pizza rolls and Pasta dishes with Shrimp and Fresh Tuna!

For dessert, we all shared a Tiramisu which was almost the size of the table- along with some special Limone Liquor and Lemon Sherbet with Vodka! Man we were ready to fly out of Cinema Paradiso, we were so full and happy!

So when you’re in Amsterdam you simply have to make a reservation to eat at Cinema Paradiso! You’ll find that even though the restaurant is filled with famous television, film and sports stars from around the world, the atmosphere is completely laid-back and wonderful! The best part is that you can see the open kitchen area from all the tables in the restaurant and watch Chef Massimo and his team preparing all your fresh food. Truly an incredible experience.



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