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Restaurants En Pluche and Le Garage featuring Dutch cooking TV Star, Joop Braakhekke!

In the heart of Amsterdam there are two very special restaurants that are linked by more than a doorway leading between each other, the two restaurants, En Pluche and Le Garage are both owned by Dutch TV cooking personality Joop Braakhekke!

First, Joop welcomes us into his En Pluche eatery, where we learn all about this tapas-style restaurant, covered in red velvet booths and mini-tv monitors that play classic movies all the time.

The amazing thing about En Pluche, besides its incredible dining faire, is that the kitchen itself is actually a tiny, modular set up, with Chef Danny Koster cooking up a storm in this most efficient work space!

From the freshly Smoked Carpaccio, to the Pad Thai and Vegetarian Samosa, Corn Dogs with Spicy Red Sauce En Pluche recipes have distinct spices and beautiful presentations that make for some delicious dining experiences. The ambiance of En Pluche and it’s open bar area is so warm and inviting, creating an atmosphere of coziness that makes one instantly relax and work up quite an appetite!

Just next door, Le Garage offers a world class menu with Chef Lex Kok managing all of the delicious recipes under his control. We were fortunate enough to partake in the full courses starting off with a Pasta Penne with Parmesan and Snail/Mushroom Tapenade and Sesame Encrusted Bass, to a Monk Fish braised with Taragon Sauce and Peas and finishing with the house specialty dessert of Crème Brule, each seared outdoors with a piping hot antique iron! Wow man, this place is far out!

In between the two restaurants there is a majestic ball room, where Joop played his grand piano for us a bit, while showing us so much warmth and hospitality. Later that evening, watching Joop work his way from the kitchen to the tables, shaking hands with all the guests in his restaurants, giving each and every table a healthy portion of his undivided attention, it’s clear to see why Joop is such a star in Amsterdam, and why his restaurants are known around the world!



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