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Chanterelle Mushrooms
In our second attempt to locate the secret location of the naturally growing Chanterelle Mushroom in the wild, we set Manny and Tasha out in the woods to go find us these savory morsels. Successful! The Hippy Gourmet returns in the VW Bus - parked disco-style outside our friends' Donna & Kevin's farm and combines the Chanterelles with other gourmet mushrooms with a Wild Rice Pilaf!

Pleasure Domes!
This is an authentic Hippy Treat from the days when people camped out in communes and prepared hearty doughnut-like spheres from a deep fryer cooked outdoors. The Pleasure Domes are sweet and filling, and give off the most amazing scent, kind of like a combination of a doughnut shop and carnival. Thanks to co-Chef Donna Compton who made this recipe happen!

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