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In The Hague with a visit to the North Sea and then dinner at the Restaurant It Rains Fishes!

Just a quick tram ride from the Crowne Plaza Hotel in The Hague, we stepped off into a west coast beach paradise…the west coast of Holland that is! The Hague boasts one of the widest, cleanest and finest sand beaches in the world.

Lining the beach and sea are a plethora of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, each without any border from the other, so people can traverse the entire length of the beach from a variety of boardwalk opportunities. Something about taking in all of the great sea air and doing all the people watching makes for a great appetite.

At the Restaurant It Rains Fishes, hosts/chefs Sander and Erik take us on a culinary expedition into some of the most flavorful fish recipes ever explored! From the appetizer tray of Satay Sticks and Tuna Tar Tar, to the Salt Encrusted White Fish that required a hammer and chisel to break into the delicious and succulent steamed fish inside…It Rains Fishes has it all!

The kitchen staff are young and eager to learn their trade from the master chefs Sander and Erik, who have been good friends and fishing partners since their childhood. The personality and liveliness of the restaurant is matched by its upscale, yet laid-back ambiance. Whether dining outside in the bleached wood and clam shell back yard setting, or inside in the modern and clean black and silver décor, the delicious gourmet faire is all excellent! Our chef hats off to Sander and Erik at It Rains Fishes!

Later that night, after our wonderful meal Erik and Sander called us a taxi to take us back to our hotel. Only, it wasn’t a regular taxi, it was a Karoke Taxi! This cab driver shows up with a trunk space unable to carry our film equipment and lighting gear, because it’s filled with DVD players and equipment necessary for powering the Karoke interior of this taxi (a Mercedes Sedan size at that). So after piling in and having to put all our equipment on our laps in the back seat, and after singing along with Frank Sinatra for a couple of encore song presentations, dressing up in wigs, hats and masks, we finally made our way back to the Crowne Plaza Hotel where we said goodbye to Karoke taxi cab….what a trip man!


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