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Train ride to the Hague with a visit to Restaurant Djawa (Java).

Just an hour or so by fast train from Amsterdam Central Station, we find ourselves in Den Hague, the city known for housing the international Peace Palace, where world justice has its voice.
The Hague is also blessed with some incredible dining, including the first visit to Djawa, or Java in English which is an Indonesian restaurant. Located in a quaint part of the Hague, in a closed pedestrian walkway, Restaurant Djawa is hosted by Owner Ulpho van der Zalm who was gracious and warm in receiving our crew to his family-style restaurant.

Inside, Restaurant Djawa is adorned with Indonesian art and sculptures and has a close and personal charm that is unmistakable. Outside, diners are greeted by café style table settings for summer time dining.

Ulpho was kind enough to invite us into his kitchen to watch as the chefs prepared the savory, sweet and sometimes spicy delicacies. With so many dishes to choose from, starting with the Tapas-style appetizers and going all the way through to the variety of Vegetarian, Seafood and indoor barbequed Chicken, there is a perfect match for anyone in your party.

The amazing thing about Restaurant Djawa is that even with twelve to fifteen dishes filling the table- each and every one had its own distinctive aroma, garnish and taste! So when in The Hague, you definitely need to make reservations and check out Restaurant Djawa!

Also in this episode, a tour of The Hague’s museum district, including a visit to the Escher Museum! Strolling the streets and alley ways of The Hague is a cultural experience unfolding with every foot step. Sculptures large and small, sidewalk art attractions and galleries of all shapes and sizes line each street there.

Staying in The Hague is simple. The Crowne Plaza Hotel is centrally located to both the main city center and also very close to the beach at the North Sea via a quick and reliable tram system. The Crowne Plaza is a tranquil spot that offers a wide array of amenities, including deluxe accommodations, a full breakfast buffet and sauna/fitness rooms.


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