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Staying at the Grand Sofitel, Amsterdam and dining at Café Roux!
Located in the heart of the Amsterdam city life, yet quietly tucked away through a regal courtyard is the fifteenth century structure, originally a monastery, then the first town council building, and later converted to host the Admiralty, the Grand Sofitel of Amsterdam is truly a palace!

Join us on a tour of this historic site, with the Grand’s Food and Beverage Manager Rembert Vonk who is generous with his time and hospitality in showing us every facet of this fascinating place.

From the lobby and secluded garden area, to the most palatial, multi-room apartment suites with private entrances and exclusive guest services, this is a very special getaway spot to be sure!

Imagining the formality of the spot where Queen Beatrix herself was married, amongst all the stained glass, wood carvings and opulence, lies the heart of a great hotel which is in the warmth and approachable spirit of each and every person who works there.

Located just off the lobby of the Grand Sofitel, and also with its own entrance way off the canals, Café Roux is one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants. We are fortunate to have Executive Chef Andrew Gaskell give us a tour of this famous kitchen and dining room, spending time with us and treating us to a really splendid dinner!

From the Cheese Soufle, to the 5-star Fish and Chips, plus all of the other main courses and desserts we were privileged to partake in, Chef Gaskell and the staff at Café Roux have a wonderful mix of French, Dutch, English and Italian influences in each of their recipes.

Right on!



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