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Touring the Canals of Amsterdam by Boat!

Having friends around the world is always a good thing, but having friends who have friends with boats in Amsterdam, well that’s just the greatest thing ever! Having the good fortune to board the canal boat “Basisrust,” which translates into “basic rest,” we began an all day boat cruise around Amsterdam.

Seeing a majestic city such as Amsterdam on a canal boat provides a level of perspective that can’t be beat. Join us as we glide by the storied streets and bridges, crisscrossing the matrix of ancient waterways that make up this awe inspiring city!

In Amsterdam, many people live on houseboats that line each canal. Some smaller houseboats are still very mobile and shuffle around regularly, whereas others, like barges are more permanent homes, each with their own interesting construction and colorful expression.

With Marcel and Ronald as our hosts on Basisrust, it was easy for us to set up a BBQ and start grilling Hippy Gourmet style! That’s right, in the middle of Amsterdam, cruising along on a canal boat The Hippy Gourmet is hard at work making lunch for the nice group of friends assembled. There’s even room enough for the puppy, Joos!

Grilling Veggies, Veggie Burgers and Patties, along with some nice fresh Salmon and Chicken breasts, this pleasure cruise soon turned into a pleasure feast! Stopping along the way to point out hidden treasures of historic note, this tour of Amsterdam by boat was something different than anything else.

With special thanks to Janneke, Robert, Ninka, Marcel, Ronald and Joos! Check out Basisrust at www.basisrust.nl



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