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Irene Hoeve
Traveling around Holland is an amazingly beautiful thing to do, even if you’re just going 30-minutes into the countryside! Taking one of the number of friendly and courteous taxi cab rides, we found ourselves at the Irene Hoeve, Cheese Factory and Dutch Shoe Maker.
Becky showed us how the real Dutch cheese is made, while Cosmo instructed us on the history of the wooden shoes in Holland, while constructing a few pairs for our cameras.


Katwouder Molen
Later that day we discovered a working windmill called Katwouder Molen, managed by Mr. Boulengier, learning all about the power of the wind and how it’s used to manage water levels for crops and canals. Far out stuff man! Alternative energy, invented back when all there was were alternatives!

NH Barbizon Palace
Staying in Amsterdam, there are a myriad of choices for lodging that fit every budget. On our first few days in this great city we were so fortunate to experience the warm hospitality and utter professionalism of the NH Barbizon Palace Hotel.

Being centrally located across from Central Station, this hotel property is unlike any other in the world. Having the Queen’s blessing to combine seventeen buildings together, (some of which date back to the 16th century), this ultra elegant, yet completely laid-back environment is right in the heart of it all!

Join us as the Director of Operations for the NH Barbizon Palace, Charles Vos, takes us on our tour of this luxurious hotel. We learn about the history of these varied structures and explore all the modern conveniences that await the stars of stage and screen in their multi-room suites and apartments.

Thanks to the NH Barbizon Palace in Amsterdam for a lovely stay!


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