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In Amsterdam at Restaurant De Kas!

In Amsterdam, the Hippy Gourmet is clearly in his element! Everything in Holland just makes sense, from the light rail, to the wind and solar powered landscape, to the overall relaxed and accepting nature of the Dutch people.

In this episode we tool around Amsterdam, learning our way around the canals and discovering one of the worlds first planned cities! What better way to the full Holland experience than to go directly to the source of organic and delicious recipes and spend some time with our friends at Restaurant De Kas.

De Kas actually translates into greenhouse, and literally this restaurant is located directly in the middle of a greenhouse. Although it may feel like De Kas is situated in the countryside somewhere, it’s actually in center of Amsterdam.

The serene lily ponds and tall grass hosts a variety of wildlife, surrounding this one-of-a-kind gourmet restaurant in a pristine beauty that instantly relaxes the spirit. Inside, the restaurant serves a multi-course meal, either for lunch or dinner, including of course all the organic ingredients grown right there in their own greenhouse.

We interview owner Gert Jan as walks us through the greenhouse and gardens while telling us about his inspiration and epiphany for founding De Kas Restaurant. Later we visit with Walter on the larger farm just north of Amsterdam where he shows us how all the organic vegetables and berries are grown and harvested.

Then we are truly privileged to have chef Martijn prepare one of the house vegetarian specialties, the most amazing Beet Root Tart! Combined with the Organic Lemon Thyme, Greens and edible Flowers from their gardens, this is an incredible delicious, yet very simple recipe!

Make sure you make your reservations early, because such an incredible dining experience in Amsterdam has quite a long wait…but well worth it!


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