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To start the Euro tour off, The Hippy Gourmet flew into Zurich, Switzerland via Swiss International Airlines. It was an amazingly smooth flight all the way from Los Angeles, arriving twelve hours later we were rested and ready start our adventures.


Zurich is a bustling city founded back in the thirteenth century, its origins date back to a Roman trading post. Zurich is a naturally beautiful place, surrounded by the snow capped Alps that feed Lake Zurich and its flowing tributaries.

While in Zurich, we were fortunate enough to visit with Walter Alfare at Gate Gourmet and get a backstage glimpse of the gourmet services catering to the top airlines, including Swiss of course.

Join us as we wet our appetites being shown some of the culinary treats offered in first and business class dining on Swiss International long haul flights. Then go behind the scenes with us as we see what goes into feeding all those hungry air travelers!

Special thanks to, Renee Procida, Alexa Luppi, Connie Voigt, Samual Ritzman and to Walter Alfare for taking so much time visiting with us in his development kitchen at Gate Gourmet, Zurich!

Of course we also take a nice break visiting Lake Zurich, taking in all of the sights, sounds and magic of this Alpine wonderland!


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