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Veggie Fried Rice
Featuring Veggie Fried Rice, a delicious medley of Fresh Organic Veggies, including Asparagus, Sweet Peppers, Zucchini and more! Wok it up Dude! This, Veggie Fried Rice has so much flavor, between the super fine ingredients and the smoky taste of the open fire pit, wow!

Wok-Style Veggie Platter
To go along with the Veggie Fried Rice, The Hippy Gourmet whips up a special Wok-Style Veggie Platter! Teaming with all kinds of Organic Veggies, Chinese Broccoli (Bok-Choy) and others, this steaming, sizzling dish goes perfectly with our Fried Rice!

What better way to celebrate the annual Bay-to-Breakers race than to have a Wok-Fry BBQ cookout!
Enjoying the day with our Bay-to-Breakers annual festival, we had some of our show’s fans come and give us a hand with promotions and also to fan our rice after cooking! Thanks to Liz and Alina, Lena, and all of the wild, crazy and wonderfully colorful participants of this years Bay-to-Breakers Race…we had another picture perfect day!


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