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NY-Style Knish
“Ay-Yo! Fohgetaboutit!” Nothing like taking a sidewalk treat directly from New York City and transforming it into a Veggie Delight! The Knish, which is a Potato-filled classic takes on a new form with a Whole Wheat Crust and fresh Leaks blended inside! This recipe is something special!

Kale is green, it’s leafy, it’s something most people stroll past in the Veggie aisle in the supermarket thinking- ‘hmmm, seems like a nice garnish, but probably not edible!” Wrong! Kale is so packed full of vitamins and minerals and is actually super tasty, once you know the secret for cooking it to perfection like our Hippy Gourmet shows us!

Veggie Stew
On the Northern edge of the African continent, before maps and countries were even created, this Veggie Stew medley united peoples from all over. A mixture of various Vegetables, including the star of the show, Eggplant- are blended with a wide array of interesting spices and at the end Raisins and Chili Flakes, to create a savory, sweet and tangy Veggie Stew!

Fish Croquettes
What do you get when you combine Fresh White Fish, Organic Tomatoes and Garden Fresh Veggies into a sizzling hot pan? Ah, you’ll have to tune into this episode to find out! Fresh Fish Croquettes are pureed Fish, shaped into spheres and poached lightly in the delightful Tomato/Veggie Sauce. It’s so simple, yet so delicious, you’ll wonder why you don’t create this recipe all the time!


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