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Salmon Gravalox
This marinated and cured way to serve Salmon is based on an ancient technique of burying the fish in Salt, Sugar, Ground Pepper Corns and loads of Fresh Dill. Patiently waiting for the next three to four days as the Gravalox cures, pressed firmly with weight, so that all the flavors marry just so. This Episode was so great we even translated a version of it into Japanese!

Grilled Salmon
Proving that any time of the year is just fine to fire up the outdoor gas grill, Bruce prepares a few healthy sized Salmon Steak Fillets after marinating them all in a garlic, soy, and his special sauce. The dish includes some stir fried veggies and some lovely steamed green beans as well! Served over a bed of steamed White Rice, it's tangy, tasty and succulent!

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