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Spinach Chutney
Whoever thought Chutney could be anything more than just a sweet type of relish? Well in this episode we watch as the Hippy Gourmet creates a special savory Spinach Chutney! Mixing in toasted Sesame Seeds, Pine Nuts and Mustard Seeds, this Spinach Chutney stands on its own as a wonderful side dish, let alone as a relish!

Summer Squash
No it’s not an invasion of mini-UFO’s! It’s actually baby Summer Squash that The Hippy Gourmet turns into an incredible creamy side salad! Using fresh Dill and a dab of Sour Cream, this quick and easy veggie salad makes a fantastic accompaniment to just about any meal!

A Whole Baked Fish
Whoa! A Whole Baked Fish dude! That’s right, Bruce takes a Whole Fish, marinates it for a few hours with a little Salt and Lemon Juice, then prepares a Veggie Medley to coat and stuff the Fish with for baking. 30-minutes later we’re ready to sit down to one incredible meal!

The Guide Dogs for the blind www.guidedogs.com was founded after World War II to aid blinded veterans. Since then, the organization has grown and moved to San Rafael, California to an 11 acre site! Guide Dogs for the Blind is a living, breathing example of the greater good that happens when people put their minds to things. In this featured segment we learn about the history of Guide Dogs for the Blind, how they breed, raise and nurture so many fuzzy, little puppies! We also see how this incredible organization works in their intensive programs to teach both guide dogs and their new owners how to live full and free lives. The Hippy Gourmet salutes the Guide Dogs for the Blind in all their efforts!


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