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Organic Strawberry Parfait
Rhonda takes a scoop of their homemade Granola, then a layer of fresh Yogurt, sprinkles in a healthy dose of sliced Organic Strawberries, and then continues to layer this masterpiece all the way to the top of the Parfait dish! This is one of those delightful breakfast treats that really get your appetite wetted for the rest of this very filling meal!

Corn Muffins
Taking us through the steps of making the batter and mixing it all up with a lot of love and joy, these Corn Muffins come piping hot right out of the oven and go straight to the table. It’s good that we put all this on film, because they disappear so fast, we’re lucky to have the evidence that we really did eat something so yummy!

Breakfast Burritos
The culminating breakfast experience is Rhonda’s house specialty of Breakfast Burritos. Interacting with the guests from the open kitchen environment, Rhonda builds each Breakfast Burrito to suit. We had ours with all kinds of fresh and organic Veggies, a lovely side of Black Beans and a garnish of Kiwi, Orange slice and an edible flower! You go Girl!

Driving up the Coast to Mendocino, California The Hippy Gourmet is honored to stay at the Agate Cove Inn! Hosted by Dennis and Nancy Freeze, the Agate Cove Inn has incredible rooms with views across the Pacific Ocean to all the way to China it feels like! The comfortable lodging and lulling sounds of the ocean are in constant rhythm with the good vibes that emanate from this delightful bed and breakfast right on the Mendocino Coast!

Rhonda Gollihar is our guest chef in this episode, and works weekdays at the Agate Cove Inn preparing breakfast feasts for all those lucky enough to lodge here.

The Hippy Gourmet loves Mendocino! There is such a Hippie history in this town, full of arts and crafts, surrounded by redwoods and awe inspiring vistas on the ocean and rivers that make this almost an ethereal place! We even caught a few rainbows on our trip, and had a little visit from a curious Sea Lion…only in Mendocino! Dennis Freeze wrote a book called Mendocino Outdoors detailing all the maps of the area, which is such a handy guide for those traveling to Mendocino, check it out!


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