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Amaranth Grain
This is an ancient Aztec grain that grows like a weed all over Mezo-America. It’s easy to prepare, full of incredible vitamins and nutrients, and comes out a bit like Grits in a way, but with a nutty, smooth texture. Man it’s tasty! Check out as the Hippy makes this awesome side dish right on the barbeque.

Veggie Jambalaya
Peppers are a flying in this recipe! Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Yellow Peppers, Diced Onions and then a taste of some Cayenne Pepper seasoning too! Then the Jambalaya comes to life over the flames of an outdoor barbeque in an iron skillet. Mixing in some delicious Organic Tomato chunks as the final touch, this Jambalaya will make you say: “Whoa!”

Apple and Fig Compote
Finishing off this episode with a little flambé action, Bruce cranks up some fresh Apples and some Dried Figs into an incredible hot Fruit and Fig Compote! Tossing the blend over the open flames with a little butter and some divine Sherry, stand back, because this dish really flames up a whole lot of flavor!




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