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Asparagus Soup
Take a tour with Bruce as he guides us through the magic techniques of creating an Asparagus Soup! Learning how to utilize scraps for soup stock, blending this flavored water back into the mixture with some Potatoes for thickening, we end up with an amazing Soup! The Hippy garnishes the bowl with Asparagus heads, Green Onions and a little Lemon zest, truly a sublime mixture!

Acorn Squash
Dating back to Native American recipes, this hearty and nutritious Squash does look just like an Acorn. But as the Hippy Gourmet says, “you won’t have to fight the squirrels over these things, because their just too darn big for the squirrels to get up the tree!” Baked to perfection and then returned to bake yet again with a fruit and nut filling and a little brown sugar, Acorn Squash fills the whole house with wonderful holiday spirit.

The Hippy Gourmet Show is proud to feature the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Highlighting the Monterey Bay and its aquatic sea life is only one small portion of what the Monterey Bay Aquarium does. Working with marine biologists, researchers and geopolitical scientists, the Monterey Bay Aquarium helps the planet and humanity each and every day! The Hippy Gourmet discovers the Seafood Watch Program, learning directly about endangered fish populations, fish farming and other issues surrounding one of the world’s last greatest sources of wild protein. Most of all the Monterey Bay Aquarium reconnects us to ourselves, to the tranquility we all strive for in our daily lives and is a wonderful place to visit, volunteer and contribute to.


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