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Mushroom Stroganoff
The Hippy Gourmet loves fresh Mushrooms! Blending a variety of four different kinds of Mushrooms, along with fresh spices and two different recipes, one with Sour Cream and one without for the Vegans in the crowd! Utilizing and open pit fire place, courtesy of our friends at Coleman, Bruce stokes up a huge fire and gets the Mushrooms sizzling hot and delicious!

Quinoa (Keen-Wah)
A delightful re-visit with our most favorite grain on the planet, the Mezo-American Quinoa, which is both a grain and a vegetable at the same time! High in protein, low in carbohydrates and fat, this is an incredibly hearty dish. The Hippy Gourmet chops some colorful and flavorful veggies to add to the Quinoa, which will be the base for the Mushroom Stroganoff main course! Dude!

Crepe L’Orange
Has its beginnings as your mild mannered, light pancake-like recipe, but once our Hippy Gourmet adds some Orange Marmalade and some Orange Liquor, the flames in the pan tell the whole story. This fantastically simple, yet utterly delicious dessert has a velvety texture that is definitely intoxicating and may very well be rated 21 and over, I.D. required!

The Hippy Gourmet gets a complete Makeover! We brought in the experts to create a whole new look for Bruce, in a parody of sorts of all those makeover shows out there.

Jihyun Kim is a professional make-up artist for the film and television industry and graciously brought about a wonderful transformation of our Hippy!

Thu Tam is a hair stylist and color artist who helped Bruce into a virtual flash back of his days in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s!
Together they focused their artful attention on giving The Hippy Gourmet a new and improved look, getting him ready for national television and bringing out his real personality! We also were very lucky to have the assistance of Jeffrey Weissman, a professional actor and coach who started Bruce on the path toward working his ‘bag of tricks,’ for whenever our Hippy gets interviewed.


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