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Jerusalem Artichoke Dip
Yes it’s that time of season again in the back garden of The Hippy Gourmet! Bruce shows us how to harvest these abundant, tuber-like artichokes at the bottom of what looks like sunflower stalks. Then he takes the artichokes and pan sautés them, purees them, and whips up an awesome, completely Vegan Jerusalem Artichoke Dip!

Fried Green Tomatoes
At the end of each tomato season it’s important to know that all those yet ripened, green tomatoes on the vine are perfect for pan-frying! Follow The Hippy Gourmet as he harvests these end-of-the season Green Tomatoes, lightly batters them in flour and seasoning, and fries them up in a little Vegetable Oil! Yum!

Scot Medbury is the Director of The Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. This Conservatory has just completed a twenty-five million dollar renovation, and is one of the most beautiful structures in all of San Francisco! Inside you will find flora and fauna from around the globe, with each of the several internal buildings designed for each climate. Scot was incredible and gives us a personally guided tour of the whole place! www.conservatoryofflowers.org


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