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Organic Fruit Tart
The Organic Fruit Tart has a delicate crust that melts in your mouth, along with the completely Organic Fruit ingredients, including Apples and Nectarines that are so yummy and fresh, you just have to have seconds!

Organic Fruit Smoothie
Wanna get your day going right? Check out how Dorsey makes her everyday Organic Fruit Smoothies! From Peaches and Strawberries, to Bananas and Apricots, these smoothies also include Flax Seed Oil, Essential Protein Powder and several multi-Vitamins! Have one for breakfast and you’re good ‘til dinner practically!

Mendocino Bounty
Can you imagine a fresh piece of Salmon smoked right on the stovetop? Well, here it is, combined with Dorsey’s house blend of Olive Tepenade, Fresh Rosemary and Poached Eggs, and all on top of a completely Organic, whole wheat bagel! The Bounty of Mendocino in every bite!

Ukiah Brewing Company
After a long day in the redwoods, what better way to quench the thirst from a hike in the trees, than a 100% Organic beer! The Ukiah Brewing Company is America’s first 100% Organic Brew Pub, (they also have a restaurant that’s a 100% organic too) so check out the tour by brew master Bret Cooperrider, he’s a cool guy!

Tour of the Redwoods
Also in this road trip episode, we take a ride into the winding roads of Northern California, discovering the world’s tallest trees! The redwood groves just outside of Ukiah are heavenly! Quiet solitude, clean fresh air, and only the rustling and creaking of trees that are thousands of years old! Wow!

On the road at the Sanford House in beautiful Ukiah, California- The Hippy Gourmet hits the road for a 100% Organic bed and breakfast experience! With our guest chef and hostess Dorsey Manogue, we feast our mornings on the gourmet, down home cooking she prepares.


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